Outdoor Venues for Wedding

“Start your happy marriage with the ideal wedding reception.”

You are now prepared to take all the wedding vows by heart as you marry your soul mate and making the relationship the most happy. Would you like a wonderful outdoor venue to complete your wonderful and unforgettable D-day?

What you have heard is right. Your outdoor wedding reception creates the environment you want in a wedding ceremony. Picking a wedding venue could be a daunting task regardless of the type of wedding you want such as theme wedding, beach wedding or just a simple wedding. This is simply because everybody wishes to have the best wedding bash for this auspicious ceremony as well as celebration of the start of a new life. You want everybody to have fun but you should also ensure you want to feel good remembering this event.


The Barn at Mader Farm an Ideal Setting

Looking for the perfect place which will provide your wedding day the beauty you’ve always dreamed of with an outdoor wedding location Lewiston, ID? Then check out The Barn at Mader Farm. The most beautiful and enjoyable weddings are held in this place.

The beautiful view of this one hundred year old wedding place has enticed many guests. The place is extremely peaceful in the middle of rolling wheat, barley as well as chickpeas fields, making it excellent scenery. Group pictures at the wedding look perfect due to the bright red siding and white trim view.

Just what is special about this place?

You can invite as many as 400 people to your wedding since the barn is big enough for your incredible wedding. The large Ohio Star Quilt pattern at its peak indeed makes the barn a great venue for outdoor weddings. The farm also offers remodeled 3500 sq. ft. barn which has everything needed to make any occasion unique.

The wedding will not be complete if delicious food is not offered. And thus, you may also get the assistance of best caterers here at The Barn where we know that the taste buds of your guests will dance with joy due to the wonderful delicacies made by special chefs.

Visitors will definitely enjoy eating the delicious wedding cake while listening to the band’s music and seeing the couples dance. A romantic atmosphere would be felt in the farm.

In Conclusion

It is the objective of the Barn at Mader Farm to make each and every wedding elegant as well as enjoyable at the same time. Many venues out there exist to make outdoor weddings into a special affair not for the wedding couple but also for the visitors.

Now, all you need to do is contact them and book the date for the best moments of your life.

Wishing You a Lifetime of Joy and Happiness!