Giving Your House A Makeover?

Some call it Spring-cleaning and the others just don’t have a specific name in mind for it. But cleaning for those who like it and those who do not come at regular intervals and it’s best that we stay prepare for it. While there are different tips, tricks and hacks associated with cleaning out spaces here are a few things that you should keep in mind when starting your Saturday clean.

De-clutter and Throw Away the Unnecessary


While it may seem obvious to some, for those of whom might wonder as to why de-cluttering becomes an integral part of a spring clean, here’s why. Cleaning is not only dusting off furniture and mopping off floors. It is also getting rid of things you may not need and that’s when de-cluttering comes in to play. Take a look at the rooms around you and see what you need, don’t need and make an active conscious step towards putting out things you have either not used for a very long time or no longer have use for.

Cleaning Supplies

If you are the type that avoids cleaning at whatever maybe the cost, be sure to be prepared for cleaning day. This could include keeping out a pair of old clothes and restocking on cleaning supplies, soaps and detergents.

Fix-It Day

Spring-cleaning day is also a day to fix broken lamps, replace bulbs and so on. If you are a list-person and have already mapped out the places that need fixing or replacements, be sure to have the necessary supplies or the repairmen coming in on the day. If you have either not have had the time to go through what needs fixing and replacing, do look into this on the day of spring-cleaning and make up a list then.

Don’t Forget the Roof

I don’t know if it’s just me but when it comes to cleaning, I somehow always forget the roof. Perhaps it’s because it’s above your head and you take it for granted but we don’t even consider important elements such as roof restorations Melbourne.

The thing with roofs is that you probably wouldn’t know if roof restorations are needed up until the very last minute that you do, so be sure to have them checked on spring-cleaning day.

Hope these little tips, tricks and hacks have helped you prepare a little better for the big day of spring-cleaning that’s coming up ahead of you. If you don’t, think on the positive side and imagine all those socks you would find once again!

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